Rick Holt, Chairman

Rick Holt chairs the board of Inbound Digital Marketing which meets quarterly and sets the strategic direction for the company. He is a graduate of Manchester and Birmingham Universities and of the Manchester business school. He also attended the Royal College of Defence Studies in London. He has developed an interest and expertise in corporate strategy, good governance, business development and marketing.

Rick worked for 5 years on the central staffs of the UK MOD in Whitehall as a policy director and then for 13 years for Lockheed Martin as a business development director based in London. In both cases his role was to develop the long-term strategy, governance and capability of those two organisations and in the latter case to grow their business in the UK and continental Europe. He then worked for 2 years for a British software company based in Bath developing their strategy, improving their governance structures and processes, and growing their business base.

Rick has been involved with Inbound Digital Marketing since its inception and is excited by the challenges and opportunities of growing the company and its marketing business in the internet space.

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