DWS Lead Generation


After working with DWS for a number of years, we decided to further grow the site’s traffic by introducing a pay-per-click campaign that focused exclusively on lead generation. The purpose was to develop a new marketing channel that brought in a steady and profitable revenue stream.

What Did We Do?

We analysed the market and analysed a range of relevant keywords to determine the best use of budget given the expensive ‘cost per click’ rates in the legal sector. After deciding on the keywords, our PPC team set up website and call tracking, built out the campaign and began testing and optimising traffic.


After just 3 months the campaign was performing extremely well, with over 20 leads/month at a cost per lead of just £15. The campaign continues to provide an alternative and reliable pipeline of leads that complements their existing SEO campaign.


Cost Per Conversion

dws ppc

Conversion Rate

conversion rate

Cost Per CLick


Our Clients Say

Inbound began working with us on our first club in 2011. We are now opening our seventh and this is in no small part to the work they have done. They have gone far beyond what you would normally expect. First class people and first class service!”

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Andy Tee, Simply Gym

“Not only have Inbound kept us in the top three organic positions for all major search terms for nearly two years, but our conversion rate has almost quadrupled! Would highly recommend Inbound to anyone.”

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Stephen Hudson, Easy Fit Garage Doors

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